TaeKwonDo is the worlds most popular Martial Art!


Using the fitness elements within martial arts we offer fitness classes in Blackburn with more benefits than most. Our classes are based on real martial arts training and cutting edge fitness techniques, so you will not only increase your fitness levels but will tone your body and lose weight. You will also increase your power to strength ratio giving you added confidence and overall well being.

Our classes and private tuition are ideal for all levels as you work at your own pace with instructors that know not just how to develop fitness. As we very much believe in being “fit to fight” Blackburn Martial Arts offers fitness classes every week as part of their regular classes. Enabling everyone to get fit, get trim, tone up, lose weight, develop confidence and of course, stay that way.

Classes are based around the real martial arts training we do and involve stretching for health and blood flow, cardio exercises, pad work, bag work, circuits and of course martial arts movements. Classes are designed to help you push yourself, but of course you set your own pace and step up the gears when you feel ready, making our classes ideal for beginners and athletes alike, with the added bonus of learning martial arts.

Our classes are fun and enjoyable and ideal for all ages and all family members. Classes never become boring, as instructors always keep surprises in store to help you push yourself and get where you want to go.

As you train, you will become fitter and more flexible thus giving you greater sense of well being.


TaeKwonDo is the world most popular Martial Art.  General Choi Hong Hi the founder had a vision to spread a uniquely Korea Art that taught the student about the history of Korea and its struggle for Independence. Taekwondo is a highly effective and practical martial art that builds both physical and mental strength. Through training students build resilience which is required in all aspects of life.

TaeKwonDo has a history through Japanese styles taught during the occupation of Korea, with the development and addition of scientific principles used to generate the maximum power into a single technique.

TaeKwonDo, the Korean art of Self Defence developed by the late General Choi, Hong Hi (1918 – 2002) of the Korean Army during the 1940’s and became formally recognised in 1955. TaeKwonDo literally means ‘the Art of hand and foot fighting’. It is the martial art of unarmed combat for self defence and involves the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions with the hands, arms and feet.

Through dedicated training TaeKwonDo provides the student with the ability to defend himself or herself effectively if and when confronted with a violent attack.

TaeKwonDo is a way of life and instills a concept and spirit of strict self discipline. Training increases physical fitness, awareness, discipline and advocates both courtesy and helpfulness.

NWTKD has been established since 1984.

Self defence

Martial arts are primary associated with self defence. At Blackburn Martial Arts we understand that everyone wants or in fact NEEDS to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Blackburn Martial Arts classes keeps self defence at the heart of your training.

Classes cover both the theory and practical applications behind self protection. This reduces the probability that you will become a victim of a violent crime and gives useful training on a practical level for dealing with such issues.

At each grade in TaeKwonDo you are taught and tested on self defence. This is because self defence is seen as an integral part of the art. Children are taught real life applications that are useful in everyday life. These include personal awareness and danger recognition, de-escalation techniques and actions in an emergency.

Younger children are not taught dangerous martial arts techniques, but are taught basic and realistic defence and escape techniques. This improves each child’s confidence to deal with real life situations that they can encounter at school or in social environments.

The Syllabus includes:

Defence against grabs, chokes and headlocks

Pre-emptive strikes and situational awareness

Defence from the ground & escapes

Defence against multiple attackers

Anti-bullying techniques

Defence against weapon attacks

Training in dealing with different types of external threats.

Effective and real life training in a secure and supportive enviroment.

Training includes the law and self defence as well as practical applications of the martial arts moves you cover in class.

Martial arts

Martial Arts offers fitness, discipline, self defence, self confidence and so much more. Training helps extend the boundaries of everyday life to increase focus in whatever task you need to accomplish.

Blackburn Martial Arts offers regular classes whose Chief Instructor, Mr Elliott Walker is a former British Army TaeKwonDo Sparring and Patterns Champion, with over 32 years experience.

Mr Walker has been teaching since 1997. He has produced multiple National & World Champions during this time.

Lessons cover sparring, self defence, patterns, technique work, fitness and stretching, as well as the history and terminology of TaeKwonDo and therfore promoting the continual self development and discipline inside and outside the training hall (Dojang). Students grade on average every four months once they are up to the required standards. Every students begins at White Belt 10th Kup and works towards their Black Belt.

After training in TaeKwonDo for a period of time you will notice an improvement in your fitness, flexibility and self confidence. You will develop skills that will help you defend yourself outside the Dojang should it be required. Benefits include:

•Instruction in all areas of TaeKwonDo by an qualified instructor up to beyond the coveted Black Belt

•Recognition and affiliation with the North West TaeKwonDo Association

•Black belt gradings with North West TaeKwonDo Association

•Access to pure TaeKwonDo & multistyle competitions

•Comprehensive competition coaching with experienced competitors World Championship medallists

•A full self defence syllabus

•Kick bags, kicking paddles, focus pads, thai pads, impact shields.

Covering all areas of TaeKwonDo including Patterns, Sparring, Destruction, Self Defence, Locks, Chokes, Throws, Grappling, Pressure Points, and Groundwork.

self defence courses

Martial arts are primary associated with self defence. Not everyone wants the traditional trappings associated with this, but everyone wants or in fact NEEDS to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Blackburn Martial Arts runs courses designed with the average person in mind, you don’t have to be super fit as our courses have been tailored for you. Blackburn Martial Arts offers both personal and corporate courses, and private tuition in Self defence.

Our courses are specifically designed to account for ‘non-martial artists’, people that either haven’t the time or inclination to visit and train at a standard martial arts school.

The courses are organised with both lecture-based and practical components designed to cover both the theory and practical applications behind self protection. This reduces the probability that you will become a victim of a violent crime and gives useful training on a practical level for dealing with such issues.

Course participants should be of good health; with those with any medical concerns consulting a doctor before hand. The courses are designed not to be physically intensive-but should you find it hard just take a break!

Who Can Benefit From A Self defence course?

From bus drivers to CEO’s, secretaries to single parents. All will benefit from learning self defence. Private courses can also be tailored specifically for the target audience. For example, women only or those in vulnerable professions like nurses, doctors etc. (please enquire for more details).

What Do The Courses Cover?

•Target Hardening & Risk Assessment

•Techniques For Defence

•Release From Grabs/Chokes

•Areas Of Attack/Vital Points

•Maintaining Personal Space, Environmental Awareness & Being Caught Unaware

•The Effects Of Adrenaline & Counter Acting Fear

•Pre-emptive Strikes

•Escapes From The Ground

•Risk Triangle & Safety Tips

•The Law And Self Defence

How Do I Arrange A Self Defence Course?

Self Defence classes in Leyland are arranged as numbers dictate. Please email us for details of the next course date. Please contact us if you wish to participate as spaces are limited. Previous students of the courses are welcome to attend for refreshers, as the more you practice, the more proficient you will become!

Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into the classes. My son absolutely loves coming!

Classes have really helped me lose weight and make new friends when I moved to the area. I’d never thought of doing something like TaeKwonDo before, but everyone put me at ease and made me feel welcome. Thank you!

Thank you for helping my son gain more confidence and strength. Signing up my son for TaeKwonDo was the right thing to do.

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Classes for all of the family!